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Blizzard’s comments could point to Diablo 4’s cow levels

Blizzard’s comments could point to Diablo 4’s cow levels

We recently reported on a potential hack in Diablo 4’s cow level quest. However, it’s still unclear whether or not this exists.

Blizzard has always maintained that there is no such level, but recent comments from BlizzCon have fans speculating once again.

just a joke?

Corresponding comments from production Tiffany Watt and game director Joe Pepiura could indicate the presence of a cow level.

Or is it just a joke given the fan effort surrounding the quest for this level?

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“Did you say cow level?” Pepiora joked as he spoke IGN Asked about it.

“It seems absolutely ridiculous,” Watt added. “I mean I heard a lot of guys slaughtering cows.”

“Are they just poor, innocent cows in the countryside?” Pepiora continued.

“The poor innocent cows are in the shelter,” Watt replied. “I mean, a sanctuary is not a good place to be, even as a cow. However, I say, if people take any items from their cow campaign… cow killing campaign… they should keep them.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Pepiora then stressed.

Unless you’re having fun here, it seems to suggest that there may be a grain of truth behind the cow-level speculation and research.

The question is, does it currently exist or will it be added in the future? The comment about object storage probably refers to the latter option.

At BlizzCon, Blizzard also announced Vessel of Hatred, the first expansion for Diablo 4. It is scheduled to appear at the end of 2024.