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Apple is under power: apparently planning its own batteries from 2025

Apple is under power: apparently planning its own batteries from 2025

One of the most common desires from owners of smartphones, tablets and laptops is to continue to extend battery life in 2023. Manufacturers like Apple have made the biggest gains in staying strong in recent years by increasing energy efficiency. Now, according to media reports, Apple also wants to take a closer look at the power supply itself: the company is pursuing plans to use its own batteries with significantly improved performance from 2025.


The approach of developing something yourself is not new at Apple, and sometimes it is very successful. The latest release of M3, the third generation of Apple Silicon for Macs, shows how such initiatives can lead to significant progress. Other projects, such as Apple developing its own mobile phone chips to replace Qualcomm’s technology, are more difficult.

South Korean electronics trade magazine ETNews reportsApple was already working on its own batteries in 2018 and, among other things, had obtained patents and hired employees for this purpose. The goal of the development is to create new types of batteries that provide much greater power. Apple wants to make this possible by using other materials and a new combination of nickel, cobalt, manganese and aluminium. Carbon nanotubes can therefore improve conductivity. In addition to increased capacity, it should also enable faster loading times.

Apple’s battery project, for which a former Samsung manager was hired, goes back to the alleged development of the car. The project now targets mobile devices, including the Vision Pro. Apple’s first spatial computer is powered by battery packs, but they don’t currently provide long runtime. The completion of Apple’s battery in 2025 could coincide with further development of the Vision Pro, which has been speculated for some time.


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