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BG Göttingen Sunday in the Towers: Unwanted Mission in Hamburg

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Göttingen’s “0” played almost as well as one in Frankfurt: Rayshaun Hammonds (here on the ball against MBC’s Martin Breunig) scored his first double-double for BG with 20 points and eleven rebounds. © Hubert Jelinek / gsd

Göttingen – Get the latest original impressions of your game in Dungeon. Because on Sunday (3 p.m.) Moors has to compete with his “owner” BG Göttingen at the stadium in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. Very thankless task.

More so because the home right was switched: in fact, it would have been a home game for Violet. But S-Arena is not available for reasons that are now known.

The Towers have just gained a psychological advantage that should not be underestimated: coach Raul Korner has gone after just three wins in 17 matches (BBL and Eurocup) and the latest home defeat against Ulm – which was one too many. Towers managing director Marvin Willoughby pulled the ripcord and handed the head coaching position to former assistant coach Benka Barlowski, 35, who previously coached the team around superstar Lukas Messner in victories against Oldenburg and Würzburg.

The newly minted Hamburgers are inspired and inspired for a BBL—in which case, Violet has to go there. Not easy – especially after the unnecessary defeat 75:78 in Frankfurt. Needless to say, Bger will try to make things right.

In the thumping 59:87 on Wednesday in the European Cup against Podgorica (Montenegro), the Towers played without the ailing Jonas Wohlfahrt-Bottermann, Willie Childs (only off the bench), Kendall McCollum and Seth Henrichs (bereavement). It is open to any of them who can be there again on Sunday. Hamburg’s weaknesses in rebounding were notable because the top players were missing. Michael Cusack, among others, had to step in from collaboration partner Rist-Wedel (Pro B). The towers were carried by Meisner (double-double with 17 points and 12 rebounds) and Marvin Clark, who also scored the most points against Podgorica.

Of course I feel pressure, but I don’t let that scare me

“It’s all right” at BG, according to Coach Moors. In the Hamburg match against Podgorica, many did not see “what was new.” He wasn’t surprised that the Destroyed Towers lost so much. “Hamburg wants to play fast and hard. Sometimes it worked this season, sometimes it didn’t,” says the BG coach.

However, the priority is “to rediscover our aggressiveness”. The Belgian complained about this after the defeat in Frankfurt, where he also allowed Til Pape to play for only seven minutes: “It was a sporting decision,” Morse explains. Apparently he accused Papi of a stupid mistake, which he then had to deal with the bank.

On the other hand, Rayshaun Hammonds’ appearance was pleasing: the BG powerhouse center contributed his first double-double (20 points, 11 rebounds) – in Frankfurt the number 0 of Göttingen was the “go-to-guy”.

After the Hamburg match, the irregularities in BG’s game plan started. After a two-week break, we travel to Bayern Munich on January 29th. (haz/gsd)