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Beatrice Egli is flooded with hateful comments about her body

Beatrice Egli is flooded with hateful comments about her body

Not only does she have a strong voice, but she also has a strong body! But not everyone thinks it’s great. Beatrice Egli doesn’t really care.

The basics in brief

  • Beatrice Egli loves her little pound on the cuff.
  • However, some people face this.
  • The singer has to do with the body over and over again.

She is a radiant woman, exuding a good mood. But even a star like Beatrice Egli, 33, has to struggle with the downside of being successful. More specifically, with the hateful comments about their weight…

The strong woman revealed this in “Rough and Uncut.” Opposite RTL She breaks up with Beatrice Egli and tells her how bad it is for her to confront the subject of physical shame over and over again.

Beatrice Egli talks about her height in Mythen SZ with a story on Instagram. – Instagram / beatrice_egli_offiziell

“Fat swallowing over there, what do you do on TV when you’re so fat. Nobody wants to see them!”

This is just one of the many comments that might fall on Egli. The pop singer admits in the conversation that this might actually sound pretty cool.

Comments on Instagram Leave a comment? Out of the question for the 33-year-old. “I prefer to give hearts to the nice comments and the rest doesn’t matter,” she says.

As for Egli himself, there will only be three options Hass To deal with it, continue. withdraw from the public, missing — or learn how to handle criticism and grow from it.”

What do you think about body mutilation these days?

By the way, losing her small weight off the cuff is out of the question for the singer. Beatrice is simply a “connoisseur”.

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