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Princess Charlene in despair: 'Terribly miss children'

Princess Charlene in despair: ‘Terribly miss children’

Princess Charlene is still stuck in South Africa. But she wants to go home to her children as soon as possible. But first there is still a cure.

The basics in brief

  • Princess Charlene misses her children ‘terribly’.
  • She can’t wait to go home.
  • After her operation about a week ago, she feels great.

Will you see you again in Monaco soon? Princess Charlene (43 years old) can Home trip for her kids Gabriella and Jack (both 6) can’t wait.

The princess has been stuck in her native South Africa for about six months. Ear, nose and throat infections made it impossible to go home Requires multiple operations, the last one a week ago. In one of them, she said that this operation was very successful, she is fine Instagram joint interview.

All the while, she only saw her children and husband Prince Albert, 63, at the site. Otherwise they can just go Skype I am talking to you.

Charlene says she can’t wait to go home to her kids. “I miss her so much.” all MotherThose who have been separated from children for several months will feel the same way. Before she can go home, she has another treatment.

In a roughly four-minute audio sequence, the princess also talks about rhino protectionThe reason for their trip to South Africa. Prince Charlene Albert’s husband is not mentioned. She didn’t say she misses him either. This is a must fueling divorce rumors.

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