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Meghan Markles and Harry's partners invest in oil and chemistry

Meghan Markles and Harry’s partners invest in oil and chemistry

The next problem is the rush to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The two were thinking better of their new business partner.

The basics in brief

  • Troubles rush towards Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
  • The two collaborated with an investment group.
  • This finances questionable (environmental) projects.

So check out who connects…

This does not apply just in case Prince Harry (37) and Meghan Markle (40). The two are no longer active Royals He’s had a business partner since this week who must be tough.

Unfortunately not in a positive sense. Prince Harry And Meghan Markle are linked to the so-called “ethical” investment group. The New York-based group has put tens of millions into wealthy investment banks.

Filings in the United States now reveal that the company has nearly a million Franken In the chemical company «Cortiva, Inc.» invest. This is an international seed and agrochemical company based in Midland, USA.

Problem: The scandalous spin-off DuPont (best known for the movie “Dark Waters 2019”) has been sued in California for the use of an insecticide. This has been linked to brain damage in children.

Ethic also invested in one of the largest producers of crude oil in America.

What do you think of the new business partner of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry?

English royal writer Penny Junor: “Life is going to be very difficult for Meghan and Harry. The group seems to be causing trouble.”

The company was co-founded by 33-year-old former British private student Guy Lipman. It invites its clients to create their own portfolios that reflect their “unique values ​​and financial priorities”.

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