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Australia: Wildfires threaten suburbs of Perth

Australia: Wildfires threaten suburbs of Perth

As of: December 21, 2023 9:28 am

Blazing flames, strong winds and destroyed homes: Firefighters are battling an out-of-control bushfire in Parkerville, near Perth, Australia’s west coast. Officials have issued an emergency alert.

Firefighters are battling a dangerous bushfire near the Australian city of Perth. Residents in the suburb of Parkerville, 30 kilometers to the east, were asked to evacuate their homes and seek safety, emergency services said. “You are in danger and must act immediately to survive,” it said.

According to local media, the fire spread to some buildings. Aerial photos showed at least one house destroyed. The fire department was alerted as the fire spread rapidly. A strong wind fanned the fire. Firefighting aircraft are also in use. The nearby John Forest National Park is closed to visitors. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

“Everybody’s Too Worried”

Western Australia’s prime minister, Roger Cook, described the “worrying situation” where the suburbs of Perth meet densely forested hills. “We are all very concerned about the Parkerville fire and offer our condolences to all those affected by this event,” Cook said.

Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Darren Klemm said the fire continued to grow despite the efforts of firefighters and firefighting aircraft. “We know that Parkerville is an area that has experienced major fires before, including destroying homes, so the concern is very high,” Clem said. Power was cut to more than 150 properties and several roads were closed. In 2014, wildfires in Parkerville destroyed nearly 60 homes.

More fires in Western Australia

Several fires are currently raging in Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Evacuation was also ordered in the Manjimup area, about 300 kilometers south of Perth.

Firefighters have now brought the fire under control in the coastal town of Llancil, north of Perth. Large parts of the state, especially around Perth, recently experienced an unseasonal heat wave with record temperatures.