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Turkish Airlines receives confirmation for Australia flights

Turkish Airlines receives confirmation for Australia flights

As early as 2018, Turkish Airlines expressed interest in offering direct flights between Turkey and Australia. The program is currently approved by the Australian Government.

The Australian government approved the expansion of Turkish Airlines flights to Australia to expand connections with Europe. From March 2024, Turkish Airlines plans to launch direct flights between Istanbul and the east coast of Australia. Meanwhile, 21 flights per week have been approved by the Australian government. In addition to Sydney and Melbourne, the Star Alliance member also wants to fly to Brisbane, Perth and the new airport in Western Sydney, which is due to open in 2026. Executive Traveller reported.

Laying of new super long lines

Turkish Airlines has firm plans to offer direct connections to Sydney and Melbourne from its hub in Istanbul. On 13 December 2023, the Air Transport Agreement between Australia and Turkey was renewed, allowing Turkish Airlines to commence flights to Australia. A week ago, the airline announced that it would start flights to Australia from March 2024. As Turkish Airlines currently flies from Istanbul to Terminal 1 of Changi Airport in Singapore, for now, the route will stop in Singapore. Under the agreement, Turkish Airlines’ single legs with direct connections to Australia with stopovers can now be sold separately as fifth independent flights.

Turkish Airlines has ambitious expansion plans

The new aviation deal will triple the requested connections between Turkey and Australia to seven weekly flights. It beat Turkish Airlines’ application submitted to the Australian Department of Transport in September. Meanwhile, Turkey’s largest airline has requested permission to start 14 weekly flights to Australia. The innovation will not only open the door to daily flights to Sydney and Melbourne for Turkish Airlines, but will also create room for further growth.

Turkish Airlines Boeing 787

Turkish Airlines was originally scheduled to launch flights to Melbourne in December 2023. However, these plans could not be implemented due to delays on the part of the Australian government. Turkish Airlines now plans to start flights to Australia in early 2024. There will be 28 weekly flights to Australia from October 2024 and 35 flights from October 2025.

An eventful time for Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines has announced several news recently. Additionally, Turkish Airlines’ early flight schedule was recently published on the AeroRoutes website. Flight number TK154 departed Istanbul at 4:30 pm and was scheduled to land in Singapore at 7:50 am the next day. However, the return flight, flight number TK155, will not depart Singapore until 4:10am the next day. This may be an indication of the design of the future flight schedule (Istanbul – Singapore – Australia).

Singapore Changi Airport

A few days ago, Turkish Airlines also made a major purchase from French aircraft manufacturer Airbus. Turkish Airlines has ordered 220 aircraft, including 15 Airbus A350-1000s, to operate non-stop flights between Istanbul and Australia. The route between Sydney/Melbourne and Istanbul (15,000 kilometres) is within the range of the Airbus A350-1000, which has recently been increased to nearly 16,500 kilometres.

From Istanbul to Sydney and Melbourne

An important question now arises: which Australian airports will Turkish Airlines serve in the future? Ahmed Bolat, president of Turkish Airlines, is referring to flights to Australia in general. In July 2023, Bolat spoke to Executive Traveler about three weekly flights from Istanbul to Australia via Singapore. Boeing 787 aircraft will be used on this route. Turkish Airlines’ new business class is also installed on this type of aircraft in a 1-2-1 configuration.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 787

A la longue, Turkish Airlines intends to offer non-stop flights between Istanbul and Australia. The two countries will be temporarily connected via a stopover in Singapore.

Our main goal is to fly direct to both Sydney and Melbourne, creating a new generation of ultra-long-haul flights.

Ahmed Bolat, President of Turkish Airlines

In this case, Polat reiterated that the project to connect Istanbul and Australia has been in the works for a long time. Passenger numbers of codeshare flights have also shown great interest in previous years.

Conclusion of approval of Turkish Airlines flights to Australia

Australian government approval granted: Turkish Airlines can resume flights between Turkey and Australia with immediate effect. 21 weekly flights have been launched to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Turkish Airlines is on a growth path, as evidenced by recent developments. Turkish Airlines is gearing up for its upcoming expansion into Australia, with a significant number of passenger aircraft on Airbus. After years of waiting, Turkish Airlines has been given the go-ahead to start direct flights from Istanbul to Australia.

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