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Australia: Borders closed – Politicians’ travel abroad causes problems

Sydney. The Australians have long been silent that their government has closed the outer borders to protect the people. With more than 30,000 Govt 19 infections and 910 deaths, the country is plagued by epidemics, The eruption of the delta variant has now forced some areas like Sydney and the surrounding area to re-lock.

But the overseas travels of some politicians are now mind-boggling. After Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s dissatisfaction with his visit to the G7 summit in Great Britain, a heated debate has now erupted over Annastasia Balzac’s planned visit to Tokyo, the Prime Minister of the State of Queensland.

Travel to Tokyo at the service of Queensland

Balasuk wants to create the mood for Brisbane’s 2032 Olympic effort in Tokyo. At the same time, however, he was one of the loudest voices when it came to reducing isolated places for Australians to return. Fearing Delta variation was officially decided last week. The cost of flights to Australia has risen to tens of thousands of dollars in some cases.


Olympia in Tokyo: Maximum 10,000 tickets per match

A deal has now been reached for a maximum of 10,000 tickets to the Olympics. At the same time, the capacity of the audience should be used only up to a maximum of 50 percent. © Reuters

More than 65,000 people have now signed a petition asking the politician to cancel his trip to Tokyo. In the petition of Balaschuk is said to have “successfully campaigned for the brutal and heartless half of Australian isolated places.” Therefore, she should not be allowed to try to return to the country and “steal valuable hotel isolated space from Australians stranded abroad”.

“Unaustralian” behavior?

Many of the comments below the petition expressed outrage. “I can’t see my mom. She can’t come and see her grandchildren, ”wrote Angela Stark. Balasuk is allowed to go to Japan to watch the Olympics, see the scenery, and enjoy Japan as a tourist. Karen Simonson puts it bluntly: “I am denied my human right to travel freely, but are politicians allowed? No, my friend, this is unusual! You are ashamed. “

Australia has stopped allowing visitors to the Australian continent since March 20, 2020. While this is often contagious, the downside is that up to 40,000 Australians are temporarily stranded overseas as airlines cut air offers, explode prices and cancel concessions again and again.

Australians in the country and citizens with a permanent residence permit can only leave the country with an exception permit, which is subject to strict rules. For example, a family visit is not an adequate reason. The government currently considers that the borders should be closed at least until mid-2022. Many families have not seen each other for more than two years.

PM: Stop the bubble

So far, anger over the travel situation has mainly arisen in Facebook forums. When Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison traveled to the G7 summit in Cornwall in June, voices of criticism were heard when he met not only appointments, despite closed borders. He stopped at several pubs and toured his ancestors’ hometown – many Australians were dissatisfied and described as “insensitive”.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has faced harsh criticism from his home country following his work trip to the G7 summit. © Quell: Image Images / Yes

London-based Australian Madeleine Dunne tweeted at the time: “Glad to see his family history on his ‘business’ trip to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Cornwall. Thanks to his border policy, I have never seen my life, breathing family for two years. “

Palaszczuk will travel to Japan anyway

Despite petitions and dissatisfaction from some sections of the population, Balassuk is not yet ready to cancel his trip to Japan. He agreed to understand the persons who signed the petition. At the same time, however, he stressed that hosting the Olympics in 2032 was the “greatest opportunity” Queensland had ever seen.

In addition, John Coates, chairman of the Australian Olympic Committee, gave it “very clear” to understand that it would otherwise be a “disaster”, the politician said. The International Olympic Committee has already selected Brisbane as the venue for the 2032 Games.