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The heat wave in the United States would be unthinkable without climate change

Without climate change, there would be no heat wave in North America. According to the researchers, such temperatures could occur as soon as every five years.

Brief essentials

  • The United States and Canada have been hit by heat waves.
  • In the absence of climate change, the heat logs would not have been broken up to 5 degrees.
  • Due to global warming, such heat waves can occur every five years.

There are Canada and the Northwest United States Suffered from severe heat. One Study Thus, it would have been almost unthinkable without climate change.

According to a high-level international group of climate researchers, global warming caused by greenhouse gases has increased heat waves by 150 times. The Study The World Meteorological Organization (WWA) project has not yet been published in any special issue.

Scientists have historically compared temperatures in late June and early July Information Since 1800. They concluded that the heat wave was an event that should only occur every 1000 years. As the saying goes “statistical equivalent of real misfortune”.

Friedrich Otto, a participant at the University of Oxford, said: “What we see is unprecedented. It is not normal to break thermal records by four or five degrees Celsius.

Temperatures of almost 50 degrees in Canada

Canada in particular, but the northwest of the United States, has been hit by unprecedented heat in the past few weeks. About 260 kilometers northeast of Vancouver, the Canadian community of Lytton measured 49.6 degrees. Previously, it was 45 degrees in Canada.

A few days later the village was In the hell of flames Almost completely destroyed. In the British province Colombia Completed within a week 700 sudden and unexpected deaths Announced.

Researchers insist that there may be another cause for global warming, in addition to the coincidences associated with global warming, but that this is impossible: that is, climate change has reached a threshold that has not yet been reached. To be concentrated by flow and limits. Collections indicate this Information But not yet.

The Study Events can only predict the future in northern latitudes. Global warming of two degrees Celsius can cause similar events every five to ten years. Instead of every 1000 years.

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