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Anyone who asks star Adele DAS has lost their job!

Anyone who asks star Adele DAS has lost their job!

So check out who’s getting involved with superstar Adele. The singer is supposed to show a big ultimatum.

The basics in brief

  • Singer Adele is a real star.
  • Now it comes out: the singer also has supernatural taste.

fifteen Grammy, an Academy Award and more than 100 million records have been sold. Singer Adele (“Easy on me”, 33) is a real star.

But their behavior should be no less remarkable than the stage. This is supposed to be like a real diva and anything but accommodating. This is what was reported by “Life and Style” magazine.

Would you like a taste test? You’re definitely welcome!

“Adele orders a private chef and a courtier who is always at her disposal. They say you have to fulfill all her desires day and night.”

Additionally, Adele will claim a luxury villa for her upcoming concerts at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas (from January 2022). Cost: about 23000 Franken – the night.

She also wants 100 bottles in her wardrobe water With carbon dioxide, chamomile and honey tea plus your favorite red wine.

And then: The singer forbids her employees to take pictures of her or ask for an autograph.

If this rule is violated, a notice of termination is said to flutter in the mailbox.

Is Adele’s behavior justified?

“A lot of people expect Adele to be fun and easy,” the magazine quoted him as saying. “But she is one of the toughest stars to come to Las Vegas. And that means something!”

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