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Angelo Kelly: The family band ends

Kids go their own way.

Angelo Kelly announces the end of his family band

Angelo Kelly announced his resignation from the Kelly Family in May 2020 and has since focused on the band’s project with his wife and their children. But that’s over now.


In the future, this photo will no longer be available in a musical context: Angelo Kelly (above, second from left) breaking up his family band. Pictured: Helen, Joseph, Emma, ​​Mama Keira, William and Gabrielle (from left) at the awards ceremony in 2018.


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On Saturday, the Kelly family stopped by Zurich’s Hallenstadion with their “Big Christmas Show.” Missing out are Michael Patrick Kelly, 45, and Mate Kelly, 43, who are focusing on their solo careers, as well as brother Angelo Kelly, 40, who left his siblings group in 2020 in favor of his own band with his wife. and kids. But now that too is over.

“We decided on this a week before the tour ended, very spontaneously,” says Angelo Kelly on the NDR Talkshow. This year he was on the Irish Summer tour with his wife Kyra Harms Kelly (43) and their five children, and a new album release with concerts is also planned. “And at the end of the Tour, I just realized it’s going to be very tough in the next few years. You’re probably going to have to compromise a lot.”