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Great Britain: The British Ministry of Defense is the target of a cyber attack

Great Britain: The British Ministry of Defense is the target of a cyber attack

The UK Ministry of Defense has been the target of a large-scale cyber attack in which soldiers' names and bank details were stolen. “There are indications that a hostile actor has infiltrated the armed forces' payroll,” British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said. London.

According to repeated media reports, the attack targeted a service provider. This means bank details of all active members armed forces And some players are at risk. This is reported to be around 270,000 people Politics. In a few thousand cases names and bank details and personal addresses were affected.

The British government did not comment on possible Chinese responsibility

Sky News reports that the government suspects that China is behind the attack. Conservative MP and former minister Tobias Ellwood told the BBC that the attack had the characteristics of a Chinese cyber attack. “The names of the payroll and the bank details of the employees – that points to China because it could be part of a plan, a strategy to see who can be coerced into cooperating,” Ellwood continued. China called the accusation a “fabricated and malicious slander,” according to the BBC.

Sunak initially did not confirm media reports that the government suspected China of being behind the attack. Defense Secretary Grant Shabbs later appeared in parliament in London and said he could not rule out state involvement in the attack, but did not name a specific country. For security reasons, additional details cannot be released at this time, Shabbs said.