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finally finished?  'This is the end of Harry and Meghan'

finally finished? ‘This is the end of Harry and Meghan’

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: Are you annoyed with your neighbors?

In March 2020, Prince Harry and Duchess Megan officially announced their retirement from the royal family. In a later interview with Oprah Winifred, they explained their decision by wanting to live independently of the royal family. In addition, they named Other reasons, such as racist remarks made by family members towards Meghan and the skin color of their unborn children. With that, they said goodbye to their life in London and moved to quiet Montecito in the US state of California.

The prince’s neighbors and the former “Suits” actress didn’t seem too excited about it. the previous daily MailEditor Richard Minerds and an old acquaintance of the British royal family is also a neighbor to the parents of two. Confirmed in an interview with pictureThis The neighborhood was increasingly upset. Mineards reports that Harry and Meghan’s presence is causing a lot of unwanted attention in their small town. “We don’t want Montecito to turn into another Beverly Hills”Keep understanding.