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The Queen puts Prince Harry in front of the door: "You're out."

The Queen puts Prince Harry in front of the door: “You’re out.”

What exactly happened behind the doors of Sandringham only Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth II know ….


The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry raises serious allegations against the English royal family.
  • The Queen did not prevent him from leaving.
  • It is said that she was the one who said “Chao Hari”.

So, dear Prince Harry – now remember January in 2020 again…

In the second part of the documentary about Prince Harry (38) and Meghan Markle (41) He accuses the royal family. Among other things, Prince Harry describes the situation shortly before “Megxit” in January 2020 at Sandringham.

At that time he met there Prince William (40), King Charles Third. (74) and Queen Elizabeth (96). The reason: Harry and Meghan wanted to discuss their “new life”.

Prince Harry said, “William would ‘shout at Harry,’ and Charles would ‘tell a lie.'” And also Queen even in It was all about yourself »Rent Let her go,” she says.

And now more palace insiders are speaking out. The Daily Mail reported that the Queen was smart enough to make her own decisions.

“The advisers made recommendations to Her Majesty the Queen, but there was only one person who made the decisions,” the report said.

Are you excited about Prince Harry’s book?

Then he said, “It is outrageous. Harry never wanted to admit to himself that it was the Queen who said no, she’s out.”

“He just couldn’t understand that he wasn’t the shy guy trying to get Grandma to get what he wanted.”

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