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Rare love interview: Michelle Hunziker: 'I don't know where to put a new friend'

Rare love interview: Michelle Hunziker: 'I don't know where to put a new friend'

Michelle Hunziker with her ex-boyfriend Dr. Alessandro Carollo on November 5, 2023 in Milan.


Michelle Hunziker is not looking for new love after her brief relationship with Roman orthopedist Alessandro Carollo ended, she says in a rare interview in Italy.

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  • In a recent interview on the “Verissimo” program, the Swiss broadcaster revealed details about her current emotional state.
  • Michelle Hunziker's life is a mix of family and professional obligations, so the idea of ​​new love seems to have no place on her agenda.
  • Michelle Hunziker stresses that her family is her top priority. The TV presenter is a mother of three children, a grandmother and owns two dogs.

In one of her rare interviews, Michelle Hunziker gave an insight into her love life and daily life. “I'm focusing on Cesare, Sol, Celeste, Uri,” the 47-year-old said on Italian TV show Verissimo.

Ori means her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti, whom she made a proud grandmother on March 30, 2023. Hunziker was a guest on “Verissimo” to promote her new TV show “Io Canto Family” on Mediaset: the show starts on May 13.

Hunziker explained her family situation with a wink: “Leon, Lily, Audino. I have a family run…and then there's work. I don't know where to put a poor person.”

Happy even though love is over

Leon and Lily are Michelle Hunziker's dogs, and Audino is her ex-husband Tommaso Trussardi's four-legged friend, who is also a frequent guest at Hunziker's, as she shows on Instagram.

So it seems that Hunziker has come to terms with her current single status after ending her relationship with Roman orthopedist Alessandro Carollo, which lasted only a few months. A stormy love story that ended due to different priorities in life. Carollo also lives in Rome with Michelle Hunziker and her family in Milan.

Despite the end of love, Michelle Hunziker is by no means depressed. On the contrary, she says that personal happiness does not necessarily have to be tied to having a partner: “We only have this one life. If you go to sleep at night and don't take anything from anyone, if you're honest and respectful, what does it matter to you? Live your life quietly. We can't please everyone anyway, and none of us can.”

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