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Eurovision 2024: semi-final live – will Nemo advance?

Eurovision 2024: semi-final live – will Nemo advance?

May 9, 9:11 AM

the Switzerland won the Eurovision Song Contest The last time was 36 years ago. According to the predictions of many bookmakers, we can achieve first place this year as well. Or even victory?

Nemo is with almost everyone with the song “The Code”. Betting office Represented in the foreground. But first we have to qualify for the semi-finals. In addition to Nemo, 15 other participants are vying for one of the final places this evening.

Nemo is well aware of his chances. At the same time, Nemo doesn't want to raise expectations too much. Because in ESC, performance is the deciding factor between victory and defeat.

However, Nemo need not be nervous about this, as Biel's pop star impressed both the audience and the expert judges alike.

Or like that recently “the time” “This precision, this flow, this urgency, this manipulation of sound — a perfect storm,” he wrote.

Or as Nemo says: “Everything depends on me and at the same time it is not in my power.”

Numerous training sessions in Malmö have affected Nemo's voice: “I've been a bit under the weather the last few days.” But Nimmo told The New York Times that everything went well in training on Wednesday Swiss TV SRF“A great weight has lifted from my heart.”

The semi-finals could be coming: “It's going to be really cool,” says Nemo. “I'm really enjoying the stage design and the dynamics of the performance. The dance steps are in place, the groove is kicking in — I feel ready for the show. Let's go!”