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AMD planned a steam room in Zen 4

AMD planned a steam room in Zen 4

from Oliver Jaeger
Gamers Nexus visited AMD in Texas and discovered that the manufacturer had originally planned to use a vapor chamber in the heatsink of its Ryzen 7000 CPUs. However, the concept did not come to fruition for AMD because the desired effect was not commensurate with the additional costs it caused.

Popular hardware YouTuber Gamers Nexus had a chance to visit AMD’s headquarters in Texas. Gamers Nexus were also able to stick around in the thermal engineering lab and discover interesting things. Prior to the release of Raphael (Ryzen 7000) processors based on Zen 4, AMD experimented with a little known feature of graphics cards and it was supposed to effectively reduce CPU temperatures while running.

CPUs with Vapor Chamber – nothing came of it

In a thermal engineering lab visited by Gamers Nexus, there were prototypes of Zen 4 CPUs with a vapor chamber built into the heat spreader. An interesting concept at first glance, the goal of which, of course, is to reduce the operating temperature of processors. However, after its test runs, AMD noticed that the right cooler does the job of a vapor chamber-modified heatsink as well. In the video viewers learn that the “CPU” only reduced the temperature by up to 3°C compared to a full copper heatsink.

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This was a realistic result for AMD, as this temperature difference would not have justified the final implementation in terms of the additional costs that would have arisen as a result. In this case, perhaps the motto applies: the evidence of candy is in eating. So it remains a dream of the future whether the idea will one day prevail for processors, perhaps (or we hope) with greater impact and at the same time lower production costs.

Source: Gamer’s Nexus

Zen 4 with Heat Diffuser Steam Chamber.  (2)

Source: Gamer’s Nexus

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But the tour of AMD’s Texas headquarters offered more, because the full video from Gamers Nexus runs for about an hour. Viewers get a glimpse into the learning lab, CPU graveyard, core design test lab, and error analysis lab. You can also find the full video embedded in this article.

source: Nexus for the player