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Eiji Aonuma talks about the possible return of Classic Zelda Dungeons – Tower ntower

Eiji Aonuma talks about the possible return of Classic Zelda Dungeons – Tower ntower

A week ago I reported the statement.We don’t care about our old games anymoreKingdom Tears Producers Eiji Onuma When asked if he would go back to making a traditional Zelda game. One aspect that many fans have particularly missed since Breath of the Wild is Big dungeons, which used to be a staple feature in the Zelda series. There are some in Breath of the Wild (Titans) and Tears of the Kingdom (Temple), but they are relatively small – and many small puzzle shrines are set around the world that weren’t in previous Zelda games.

The Austrian newspaper Der Standard specifically asked Onuma and director Fujibayashi: “Is there a chance that ‘old’ dungeons from previous Zelda experiences will return?”. Onuma responded that he’s not yet sure if dungeons will appear in the next game:

Quote from Eiji Onuma

If and how dungeons will be incorporated into future titles, we can’t say at this time.

to the question “How was the decision to replace the large dungeons with many small shrines made?” The two leading Zelda developers answered:

Quote from Hidemaro Fujibayashi

The reason we work with smaller shrines as we did in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is because we still find the system very engaging with the new items and abilities available in the sequel. We believe that Shrines will continue to ensure that players can fully enjoy the game.

Quote from Eiji Onuma

The shrines are partially located in the sky at this address, so they can also be used as a means of transportation between locations. For those who have played progenitors, it is easy to understand how they are used in this vast world. But even for newcomers, shrines are not just puzzles, but a very useful element of movement that fits perfectly into this game world.

Are you hoping for the return of the classic dungeons, or can you live with the next Zelda game that has no dungeons at all?

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