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Alpine skiing: Lina Dor races to second place in the last slalom

Alpine skiing: Lina Dor races to second place in the last slalom

I laughed when the stadium announcer called her name into the microphone. Yes, all good things come in threesomes, which is what Lena Dore eventually thought of in Méribel. The SV Germering ski racer was initially in the Olympic slalom in February after the first round, then drove a week ago after the first round in the AR. And now, in the final World Cup slalom of the season in Méribel, the second round run of the past has begun again. “I’m going to put everything into it so that it ends well,” Dor told ZDF before the decision.

In fact, I did, you could tell. She stayed calm, made a small mistake at the bottom and managed to finish season two, but this is the best slalom result of her career. She missed her first World Cup victory in the slalom by 0.48 seconds behind Slovenian Andreja Slokar, who was in turn victorious in the slalom for the first time.

“I’m still glad the two lit up,” Dor said. “But there is always someone faster.” The top Bavarian player thus finishes the overall standings in the slalom 2021/22 in third place. She has never been so good in her career.

Lina Dor: At the age of thirty, in the middle of it all

Méribel’s second place is somewhat of a role reconciliation with this starting position. At the Olympics, she ended up in an unlucky 4th place, 5th place. “I’ve always played with one of the last few races,” Dorr said. “I just said to Petra (total slalom winner Flova, editor’s note): ‘I’m not giving up, victory is yet to come.’ One must not forget that the last one in a slalom also has the most stumbling track conditions.”

At the age of 30, Lena reached a turn in the middle of it all, as evidenced by her performance in the final slalom, where she was one of the last drivers to do well on the now increasingly poor Slokar circuit.

In addition, Germinger was already an influential figure in the Olympic silver coup of the German team in Beijing. On Friday, she then led the team to the podium again with sovereign motives – to third place in Méribel. And this winter, I actually got on the podium three times in third place in the slalom.