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All that matters: meltdown!  Big concern for Simon Steenkamp

All that matters: meltdown! Big concern for Simon Steenkamp

The whole story reminds us a lot Jenny Steenkamp’s dangerous fall over a year ago, but”All this is importantFans can hope that mom Simone Steenkamp (Tatjana Classing, 57) doesn’t get the same damage as her daughter. The photo is dramatic, though: On Monday’s (August 9) EEZ episode, Simone bleeds after falling into her kitchen She waits in vain for help.

EEZ Preview: What’s Simone Steinkamp Missing?

After the stress of the past few weeks and arguing with her foster daughter Chiara (Alexandra Fonsatti, 28), Simone has been doing poorly. But the otherwise difficult businesswoman does not want to admit it under any circumstances and hindrances when Chiara is worried about her. Show weakness? This is out of the question for the Steinkamp chief. Nor does she tell her husband Richard (Sylvain-Pierre Lerich, 60) about the dizzy spells she had, and finally collapsed in her kitchen. Then, at all times, when there is no one with her to help her.

Simone falls and cuts her head. As she waits for help, unconscious and bleeding, Kiara seems to feel that something is wrong. But her figure skating coach prevents her from going home. Will you still find Simon in time? It is also not clear what is behind their health problems. Exciting weeks may await EEZ fans, after all, it’s also September Memories of the popular series NS.

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