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Hansi Hinterser no longer knows the text

Hansi Hinterser no longer knows the text

It was awkward and awkward Sunday for Hansi Hinterser at the ZDF TV park: the pop star no longer knew the script of his own song.

ZDF TV Garden is currently the subject of Famous Stars. The one who should never miss an event like this is Hansi Hintersee. What was striking on Sunday was not only his usual head of blonde hair, but rather his lack of knowledge of his own song lyrics.

after playback

“Marina, Marina, Marina, your elegance and your charm please. Marina, Marina, Marina, you are the most beautiful in the world.” A simple text, basically, but apparently not for Hansi Hinterseer. The longtime hit star gets stuck while running and doesn’t lip sync at all. Once or twice until he failed to open his mouth and remained silent.

“Hansi, oh Hansey”

According to Marina’s plot, presenter Andrea Kewell (“Kiwi”) cheerfully plays: Hansey, Oh Hansey, Oh Hansey. You are the greatest for me! Of course, it can also be done without a reboot: the youngest DSDS star Kevin Jenwin (27), who had a direct guarantee of his next TV appearance, decided it.