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Baby Lou (11 years old) loves her colorful and bright

Baby Lou (11 years old) loves her colorful and bright

You can hardly see the children of supermodel Heidi Klum. However, her daughter Lu managed to steal the show from her!

The basics in brief

  • When it comes to children, Heidi Klum focuses on privacy.
  • But recently there has been an increasing number of shots taken of Lou’s daughter.
  • It is noticeable that the 11-year-old girl inherited her mother’s taste for fashion.

like MotherSo the daughter!

Whether it’s vibrant colours, unusual cuts or stunning prints – Heidi Klum (48) loves to stand out. The top model proves to her over and over again the love for fashion. It seems that she is not alone in her family with this.

because even her baby lu (11) Likes it bright and colorful, like the pictures on Heidis Instagram– Data appears. In an orange-blue strapless summer dress, the eleven-year-old is standing in front of a souvenir shop. Her pink hair is also really eye-catching – she almost stole the show from her model mom!

Heidi Klum has been enjoying herself for about two weeks now with her family Now the Italian coast. They sail from city to city. And every now and then there are new shots of a gang of four-headed miscreants.

Do you like to wear bold clothes?

But while Lenny (16) She has already walked the red carpet, you still rarely see her siblings.

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