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Alice's Twelve Orders: DHL Express Builds an Electric Freight Fleet

Alice’s Twelve Orders: DHL Express Builds an Electric Freight Fleet

One step towards cutting emissions: Deutsche Post is buying 12 small electric planes. She wants to serve feeding methods with them.

DHL Express was the first company in the world to order 12 electric Alice aircraft from the American-Israeli manufacturer Eviation. “With the order, DHL plans to create the first electric and therefore zero-emissions air freight network,” the company announced on Tuesday (August 3). The aircraft will be delivered in 2024.

It can be piloted by one Alice pilot and can carry over 1,200 pounds of cargo. The charging time per flying hour is about 30 minutes, and the maximum range is 815 kilometers or 440 nautical miles. DHL Express expects Alice’s electric actuators to be “highly reliable, low-maintenance and therefore cost-effective due to the low number of moving parts”.

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DHL Express plans to establish zero-emission feeder networks with electric aircraft. “The electric plane is ideally suited for shorter feeding routes and requires less investment in plant infrastructure,” the company says. “Electronic aircraft can be refueled during loading and unloading, allowing for rapid lead times and thus complying with demanding DHL Express schedules.”

The Alice can be configured as a cargo plane or as a nine-seater passenger plane. The first flight is scheduled for 2021. Originally scheduled for 2019, it was pushed back to 2020, but before that happened, a prototype of the aircraft burned out.

In the gallery above you can see what Alice from DHL should look like.