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Coop and Aldi take over from Manor

Coop and Aldi take over from Manor

From 2022

Change in St. Jacob’s Park Shopping Center: Coop and Aldi took over from Manor

The Manor dining area and Manora Restaurant will be closed at the end of the year following the expiration of the contract. As of fall 2022, Coop will take over the supermarket space from Manor Food and open a new restaurant. In addition, the Aldi discount program will transition at the beginning of 2023.

St. Jacob’s Park Shopping Center in Basel is reorganizing its offerings after 20 years.

Kenneth Nars

Basel’s traditional Manor has reduced its space in St. Jacob’s Park Shopping Centre, according to a statement on Tuesday. The lease for the Manor dining area expires on February 15, 2022. The Manora dining area and restaurant will be closed after the end of the year. The store is maintained with an air-conditioned concept. The non-food space will be reduced to 3000 square meters instead of 4,500 square meters today.

Coop will acquire today’s Manora restaurant area and supermarket area. A mega store will be built on an area of ​​more than 2000 square meters. From the spring of 2023, the Aldi store will also move to the shopping center’s ground floor. “The changes are bringing new impetus to St. Jacob’s Park. I am particularly pleased that Aldi and Coop are implementing with us two of the latest supermarket concepts in Switzerland,” said Center Director Daniel Zimmermann in the letter.

As a principal tenant, Manor is represented at St.