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Aldi customer buys eggs: When he opens the package, they explode

Aldi customer buys eggs: When he opens the package, they explode

Just shop at Aldi, grab a carton of eggs, and then prepare a delicious breakfast. Maybe that was the plan.

But after Aldi customer Danielle wanted to put a few fried eggs in the pan, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The young man immediately shared his discovery on the “X” website (formerly Twitter).

An Aldi customer makes an amazing egg discovery

These are the moments when you immediately pull out the camera. This also applies to Aldi customer Daniel, who wanted to make three fried eggs quickly. No one had expected that the individual eggs he would use would be so different from each other.

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So an ordinary egg with a yellow yolk ended up in the pan. However, the next one contained two egg yolks. Then, the Aldi customer was almost in shock. Because the third egg actually contained three yellow yolks! According to Daniel, two more of the twelve eggs contain double yolks. “What are the chances?” An Aldi customer asked and provided photographic evidence of ‘X’:

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This is behind the egg craze

User X also cannot believe his eyes and seems to suspect supernatural powers. His advice on the unexpected fried-egg incident: “Buy a lottery ticket.” In fact, the probability of having polyyolk eggs is very low. You can find out how high it is here >>>

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According to “Geo” magazine, the phenomenon of multi-yolk eggs can occur, especially in young chickens. Their hormonal balance is often not yet adjusted to produce eggs with a single yolk. It is common for them to release several eggs from their ovaries at the same time. They then fuse together into one egg to form multi-yolk eggs. These are often larger eggs, however, they rarely end up in regular stores because they do not conform to the base. They are often sold at weekly markets instead. There, eggs, which are not harmful to health, are considered a delicacy by many customers. However, it is very rare for an Aldi customer to enjoy multiple yolks in one egg.