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After the accidents: The US aviation authority takes a closer look at United Airlines

After the accidents: The US aviation authority takes a closer look at United Airlines

After United had already initiated internal proceedings over a series of incidents, these incidents have now also prompted the aviation authority to act.

There were no injuries. However, it doesn't leave a good impression when there are about a dozen incidents at an airline in one month. This happened with United Airlines. So, airline president Scott Kirby felt compelled to write to frequent flyers and reassure them that safety is the airline's top priority.

Now these incidents have also prompted the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to act, according to CNN. “Over the next few weeks, we will see an increased FAA presence in our operations as it begins to review some of our workflows, manuals, and facilities,” a letter to United employees, reported by CNN, said.

And also self-criticism

She added that the review means “taking a closer look at many areas of our operations to ensure we are doing everything we can to enhance and enhance safety compliance.”

The airline also practices self-criticism. “The number of safety-related incidents in recent weeks has rightfully caused us to pause and consider whether we could and should be doing something differently,” United writes to employees.

All aspects have been checked

The FAA says its “safety monitoring system routinely monitors all aspects of airline operations.” The focus is on the airline's compliance with applicable regulations, the ability to identify risks, assess and mitigate risks and conduct effective safety management.

United President Kirby had already announced that the airline itself had also begun the procedures. Internal experts studied the details of each case to understand what happened. Kirby says they are using these findings to improve training and safety procedures for all employees.

Additional training

This is in addition to some changes already planned, including an additional in-person training day for all pilots starting in May and a centralized training curriculum for newly hired maintenance technicians. “We are also providing more resources to manage the supplier network,” the United president said.