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There is no MicroLED display for the Apple Watch

There is no MicroLED display for the Apple Watch

They should have offered brighter displays and more vivid images, MicroLED displays. It would also have provided greater durability without combustion problems and better energy efficiency. But Apple has now stopped developing its own displays for the Apple Watch. This was reported by Bloomberg author Mark Gurman with reference to confidential internal sources. The reason is that the costs are too high and the task is too complex. The message remained without comment from Apple itself.


Apple cancels According to Gorman “several dozen positions” in the US and Asia and reorganized teams around display technology. They are still needed in the company: although the company relies mainly on components from LG and Samsung, Apple is trying to improve on LTPO OLED displays. In our Apple Watch testing, the Ultra 2 recently earned the top score for display.

An OLED replacement from our company will not only have the advantage of being able to build a better product and thus beat out competing products. This would also make Apple more independent. In recent years, the company has made efforts to distance itself at least a little from individual suppliers and countries, a difficult task. After the Apple Watch, other products were also supposed to have the display technology.

Three weeks ago there were rumors from Taiwan that Apple had halted MicroLED research. However, Gorman expressed doubts and pointed to several suppliers, including AMS-Osram. It is now assumed that Apple will continue to rely on OLED screens in its smart watches.

Stopping MicroLED research is the second project that Apple has canceled in a short period of time: a few weeks ago it was announced that the company was abandoning the plan to build a self-driving electric car.


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