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Adele, what really went wrong in Vegas?

Adele, what really went wrong in Vegas?

Adele and Rich Paul at a basketball game at the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Singer Adele halted her Las Vegas concerts 24 hours before their launch. Various reports are circulating on the Internet about the reasons, and now it is clear what it really was.

Of course, one can imagine the number one reason Adele’s Las Vegas concerts were canceled: how I mentioned Blue NewsIt was Covid, the virus “destroyed our programme.”

In the following tweet, the 33-year-old addresses her fans directly. She cries as she promises rescheduling and apologizes for canceling more than two dozen shows until the end of April.

That was about a week and a half ago. It’s now apparent, however, that this Daily Mail’s source is more speculative that the reason for canceling the concerts must be Adele’s new boyfriend Rich Paul. Director Basketball star LeBron James I spoke to the singer several times on the phone during her stay in Las Vegas.

crying on the phone

Paul lives in Los Angeles, where the local Lakers team is based around LeBron James. Distance puts a strain on the relationship.

Adele repeatedly interrupted rehearsals for these phone calls – and “stopped crying.”

Concerts in Las Vegas were part of her tour program for her latest album ’30’.

“Thank you, dear Adele, are you back” – “I cried”

Fans have been waiting for the British singer’s new album “30” for nearly six years to this day. But now Adele is finally back. Was it worth the wait? Top or flop?