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A woman asks for help from neighbors in sending a notice – a woman from Munich intervenes

A woman asks for help from neighbors in sending a notice – a woman from Munich intervenes

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Not all of us are skilled at crafts. This was also the case for the resident who asked her neighbors for help in installing some lights.

Berlin – When moving to a new apartment, you have to take care of a few other things besides assembling furniture and unpacking moving boxes. This usually also includes installing lights. Otherwise, you will inevitably be sitting in the dark. However, especially when dealing with electrical cables, you should not start with modification. But what do you do if you don’t have the necessary skills yourself and don’t know anyone who does? A resident of a house in Berlin also faced this problem. Her solution: She quickly asked her neighbors for help with notice.

The resident asks neighbors for help in installing a light

In a very friendly and humorous manner. So she begins her plea for help with the words “Because I’ve almost become the world’s champion procrastinator” and then describes her problem: “It’s getting dark early and I haven’t installed the ceiling light yet.”

According to her own statements, she did not know how to connect the lamp properly. There is no one in her circle of friends and acquaintances who can help her. A fact to which the resident humorously commented, “I’m already looking for new people.” By notifying her, she hopes to find a good-natured neighbor who can help her.

With this friendly notice, a resident asks her neighbors for help. She no longer wanted to sit in the dark in her apartment. © Screenshot/Instagram

Many people online can understand the resident’s dilemma or experience it themselves

A photo of the notice was posted on the Notes of Berlin Instagram account. Many there sympathized with the new recruits’ dilemma. One user wrote: “This is me originally, except I just got a floor lamp as a replacement and that’s it.” This of course is what enables you to solve the problem. The resident is certainly not alone in her problem. Another comment read: “Please send me the assistant in Munich…”

A theoretical assistant can also be found in the comments. “I definitely want to help her,” one comment said. We can only hope that one of the residents’ neighbors will be helpful as well.

There was a very good neighborly relationship in the apartment building for a senior citizen and she said good-bye with a touching letter when she left the building. But the tone of such notices is not always very positive. A neighbor wrote an angry letter complaining about the doorbell ringing at night from a resident who had forgotten her key. (sp)