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A serious change for Princess Charlotte

A serious change for Princess Charlotte

Inevitable quarrel? Princess Charlotte is preparing for a new title

As The Sun wants you to know, little Princess Charlotte will reportedly own one soon A very special address to get. Accordingly, King Charles III. She decided to turn 7 years old right away Duchess of Edinburgh It was appointed – and above all to honor Queen Elizabeth II, because the late Queen bears this title is:

It would be a fitting way of commemorating the Queen – who of course bore the title Duchess of Edinburgh – and a way for Her Majesty to honor the succession,

He reveals a mansion insider.

Princess Charlotte in general is in a special position because the daughter of Prince William and Princess Kate is the first female member of the British royal family whose younger brother, Prince Louis, will not give up her place in the line of succession. While Charles’ choice of Charlotte is a great honor, it is likely to cause dissatisfaction with other family members. As reported by the Mail on Sunday, in fact Prince Edward is in great demand to be named Prince of Edinburgh Because the Queen and Prince Philip (99) had promised him before they died.

And that’s not all: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan shouldn’t be completely excited about the title decision for their niece either, because in the end they’re still fighting for their children Archie and Lilibet to also have titles…

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