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Laura Maria Ripa, Pietro Lombardi’s fiancé, controls his finances

“I get 1,000 euros in pocket money a month.”

Pietro Lombardi’s fiancée controls his finances

Pietro Lombardi doesn’t take care of his money himself. His fiancée, Laura Maria Ripa, took on the task. The influencer takes action.


Pietro Lombardi no longer managed his own finances.

In fact, Pietro Lombardi is swimming in money. However, he’s currently not allowed to go over the top financially – his fiancee Laura Maria Ripa (26) is taking care of that. I set him a budget.

The former paralegal is a real organizational talent and well versed in finance. And now it proves it with Lombardy’s wealth. Laura updates my finances. To be honest, I get pocket money a month, 1000 euros. Then I can spend it,” Lombardi reveals on the new episode of the “Laura and Pietro – On Off” podcast. Of course, pocket money comes from the musician’s own account. So far, Pietro Lombardi has been doing just fine with the monthly limit. “I’m glad I have them,” he says gratefully, “because they manage it really well, writing bills like that you haven’t seen.”