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King Charles and Camilla are fed up with Harry and Meghan's criticism

King Charles and Camilla are fed up with Harry and Meghan’s criticism

A Netflix documentary about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be released soon. But should you worry about that? No, King Charles and Camilla are just tired…


The basics in brief

  • Harry and Meghan will be releasing their documentary on Netflix soon.
  • King Charles and his wife Camilla don’t worry about that.
  • According to an inside source, the two are feeling frustrated.

You can’t hear it anymore!

He left two years ago Prince Harry (38) and his wife Meghan Markle (41) The British Royal Family. But since then there has been no peace in the palace. no wonder: Sussex You hardly allow it.

Book interview and now Full documentary – Harry and Meghan continue poking the wound. That has been a long time coming the Royal family Slowly but surely I’m getting fed up, as reported by the Daily Mail.

A few days ago for the first time trailers to me Netflix– They released a documentary. But King Charles (74) f queen Consort Camilla (75) Not at all. No, according to a source close to the palace, the blue bloods are “tired” of the constant accusations.

Are you excited for the Harry and Meghan documentary?

The two have been housed repeatedly in the past few months. So Harry was allowed to attend a funeral queen (96), for example, he also wears his military uniform. In fact, he is no longer an active royal. Sussex’s constant criticism is frustrating, they say.

Also Williams and Kate (both 40) react on trailers It shows that Harry and Meghan’s behavior is nothing new. So the Prince and Princess of Wales weren’t surprised by the video. And that, even though it was published when the two were still in the States…

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