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A Netflix account can only be shared with people in the same household

A Netflix account can only be shared with people in the same household

Netflix hopes to generate more revenue from the new action.stone key

The streaming giant made a drastic decision: Starting Tuesday, subscribers in nearly 100 countries, including Switzerland, can share their accounts only with their family members, for free.

05/23/2023, 22:0605/23/2023, 22:49

An era is coming to an end: Starting Tuesday, it will no longer be possible to share your Netflix account for free with people outside your household. You will be asked to pay again for this.

This new model, which has already been tested in Canada, has been expanded to about 100 countries. The company stated that users from Switzerland, France and the United States have been affected.

“We are aware that there has been a lot of confusion surrounding the split of Netflix,” the US conglomerate recently confirmed and explained:

The Netflix account is intended for use by family members.

About six francs extra a month

Specifically, this means that subscribers who share their Netflix account outside of their home will receive an email. There are two possibilities:

  • People using the affected account can move their profile to a new subscription, which they will have to pay themselves;
  • The account holder can add more subscribers. The costs for this are CHF 5.90 per month.

It should be noted that prices vary from country to country. In France or Spain, you have to pay €5.99 per month for each new user, reports Le Parisien. In Portugal, each additional subscriber costs €4.

“More than 100 million households share their accounts, affecting our ability to invest in great movies and TV shows,” Netflix said in a statement in February.

The pioneer in streaming has long tolerated account sharing. But after years devoted to increasing user numbers, the company wants to focus more on profitability. Favorite

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