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Federal election – CEO of Vontobel announces his resignation and wants to enter Parliament News

Federal Election – Vontobel CEO Announces Resignation, Wants to Go to Parliament – News – SRF

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  • There is change at the top of Vontobel Private Bank.
  • CEO Zeno Stop will step down at the next general meeting.
  • Staub wants to get more involved in politics and run for election to the National Assembly in the fall of 2023.

According to the bank, Staub asked the board of directors to allow him to resign from his post on April 9, 2024. The CEO of “Die Mitte” will run in the fall as the frontrunner of the Economic and Society Working Group (AWG) in the canton of Zurich.

One of the longest serving bank chiefs in Switzerland

Staub was with Vontobel for the next 22 years. Of these, he was a member of the Executive Board for 20 years and CEO for 12 years.

A year later, he will run for election to the Board of Directors at the 2025 Annual General Meeting, but only as an ordinary member. Vontobel wants to find Staub’s successor by the end of the year.


Chief Vontobel takes off his hat. Zeno Stop is drawn to politics.

KEYSTONE / Ennio Lenza

The bank also announced the resignation of Felix Lienhard as Chief Operating Officer. Among other things, he wants to take care of his family more in the future.

SRF 4 News, May 24, 2023, 8:00 am;

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