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A mind-warming YB penalty: the expert referee puts Rolf Fringer in his place

A mind-warming YB penalty: the expert referee puts Rolf Fringer in his place

90. +7 min: Itten hits YB to win a penalty


Referee expert Bruno Grossen clearly sees that the referee’s team rightly decided a penalty kick in favor of YB. Which is why he still has an ax to grind with Rolf Fringer.

no time? Blue News sums it up for you

  • YP beat Lausanne 2-1 thanks to a converted penalty in the 97th minute.
  • Blue sports expert Tim Klose is of the opinion that there should be no penalty. He is annoyed that the referee does not watch the scene again himself.
  • Rolf Fringer takes it easy and says that these handball discussions will last 38 rounds.
  • When asked by Klose if he had a feeling that such a punishment would be given in Lausanne, Fringer said: “Rather, no.”
  • Referee expert Bruno Grossen chided Rolf Fringer for this statement – in an admittedly sympathetic manner. The punishment decision was also true for the adults.

Tim Klose is upset after the match between YP and Lausanne about the winning penalty kick in the 97th minute. “I have a lot of problems with these situations, really.

Rolf Fringer accepts the decision firmly: “We now have 38 rounds of discussions. It cannot be that it does not exist.” But it’s good that there are controversial scenes and you can discuss them. “But there are no regulations that can make it black or white, and (AdRed: Hands or no Hands) will always be discussed. And you just have to live with that.”

Close digs deeper and wants to know from Fringer: “Do you think it whistles in Lausanne?” The former Natty coach admits bluntly: “Rather not. That’s why I say there are people everywhere.” Fringer promptly took the referee out of the crosshairs by adding: “But I suppose he was in contact with the VAR.”

And again, the blow of the hand warms the spirits

YP beat Lausanne 2-1 thanks to a penalty in the 97th minute. Blue sports expert Tim Klose even mentions the word “scandal”. Meanwhile, “we’ve now had these discussions for 38 rounds,” says Rolf Fringer.


“Obviously, I will support the referee’s decision.”

However, referee expert Bruno Grossen is of the opinion that the referees’ team was right in deciding penalties and he particularly praises the assistant. On the other hand, Rolf Fringer reads Riot to adults, but without even using a remotely false tone. But you better listen to yourself (video below).

Referee expert Grosson: “I will clearly support the referee’s decision”

Referee expert Bruno Grossen clearly sees that the referees’ team has rightly decided a penalty kick. Then he also read Rolf Fringer’s Riot. But listen to yourself.


Magnin: “When there’s a whistle, it’s the right thing to do”

It is also interesting what Ludovic Magnin says about the penalty kick. Known as the daredevil, the coach of Lausanne Sport considers him to be very sporty. With a smile on his face, he said that before the season the referees wanted to explain to them when there are penalties and when not: “But we don’t understand it anyway. If there is a whistle, then this is it.

Magnin on YB penalty: ‘If it’s whistled, it’s right’


Annotated summary of the game

YP – Lausanne Sport 2: 1

Credit Suisse Super League, Round 1, Season 23/24


Voices from YB Camp

Iten: “I think the first match is always difficult”


Lustenberger: “It was a difficult start, and it wasn’t a good game from us”