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Women’s World Cup: Argentina win

Women’s World Cup: Argentina win

Argentina and Italy put up a tough fight.Photo: Cornerstone

07/24/2023, 10:24 a.m07/24/2023, 10:28 a.m

Group G

Italy 1-0 Argentina

Italy is off to a successful start to the Women’s World Cup. The Azzurri beat Argentina 1-0 in Auckland thanks to a late goal. Christiana Girlelli was worried about the decision. The Juventus forward scored in the 87th minute, just four minutes after coming on.

In the first half, the Italians twice defeated the 40-year-old Argentine goalkeeper Fanina Correa. However, goals from Ariana Caruso and Valentina Giacente were disallowed due to offside positions. Correa is 23 years older than 16-year-old Giulia Dragoni, who started for Italy and gave way to the eventual winner in the 83rd minute.

The Italians had won their direct qualification duel against Switzerland in the World Cup elimination. In the World Cup four years ago, they reached the quarter-finals. For its part, Argentina is still waiting for its first victory after its tenth match in the World Cup finals.

group h

Germany – Morocco 10:30 am

The report will follow after the match. Here is the live video.

(Abu / Sada)

All World Cup stadiums in New Zealand and Australia


All World Cup stadiums in New Zealand and Australia

Source: Imago Images / Imago

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Video: Watson

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