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A Lucerne woman loses her apprenticeship at Esprit before it even starts

A Lucerne woman loses her apprenticeship at Esprit before it even starts

The news hit like a bombshell this week: fashion retailer Esprit is bankrupt in Switzerland. The impacts are far-reaching and affect approximately 150 employees.

Among them is a young woman from Lucerne, according to a report by the PilatusToday and Tele1 websites. She was about to begin her career in the summer with an apprenticeship as a retail specialist.

Roland Kunz, the woman's father from Lucerne, recalls the moment of bad news to the broadcaster: “The bad news came shortly before midday. Of course, our daughter's whole world collapsed. She was very emotional.”

The apprenticeship contract was only signed in January. This situation represents a serious blow to the Kunz family. Neither the parents nor the daughter currently know what to do next.

After all, Esprit wanted to create a letter of recommendation to make finding a new job easier.

Giuseppe Rio of the Unia Zentralschweiz union expressed criticism of the company's approach to PilatusToday and Tele1: “With a mountain of debt of twelve million francs in Switzerland, we should have seen the bankruptcy coming.” Rio said it was incomprehensible that no discussions were sought despite this.

According to the union, employees are also entitled to a consultation process. He describes it as a “mockery” that an international company does not adhere to legal requirements.