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Deal of the week – air purifier

Deal of the week – air purifier

The air is clean

Furber Bora

It's not just allergy sufferers who are happy with clean air: Furber air purifiers use an advanced filtration system to remove pollutants and unpleasant odors from room air. If you or a loved one suffers from asthma, allergies, or hay fever, an air purifier is sure to be the perfect solution. Whether it's pollen, house dust, fine dust, animal hair, potential pathogens or mold spores – thanks to air purifiers with activated carbon and HEPA filters, most of them are removed from the air.

Furber air purifiers have a timer function that, depending on the model, allows you to set the on time or the time after which the purifier automatically turns off. This way you protect the device and at the same time reduce energy consumption. With Night mode, the air purifier monitors room air quality even during sleep and reacts to possible changes. However, it will not wake you up because it runs very quietly. By the way, you can control the air purifier not only on the device, but also easily via the Smart Life app if necessary.

Your boxing team

Air purifier

Furber Bora

  • Built-in 3-in-1 filters
  • Night light function
  • With activated carbon filter, HEPA filter, pre-filter
  • Control through the device or via the Smart Life application
  • Functions: Night mode, night light, timer function, touch control, wifi connection

Night mode lets you sleep undisturbed, while the gentle night light creates a soothing atmosphere. The timer function allows you to adjust the operation of the device according to your needs, either directly on the device or easily via the Smart Life app. Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, you can stay connected to your air purifier at all times and can control it from anywhere.

Removal of pollutants from indoor air

The air purifier uses its advanced filtration system to remove pollutants and unpleasant odors from the room air. This creates a nice atmosphere in your home. The device provides relief, especially for hay fever, allergies and asthma, as it is able to remove a large percentage of pollen, mold spores, house dust and animal hair as well as fine dust and gaseous pollutants from the air. For best results, the device should be able to circulate and purify the air in the room you want to use about twice an hour. You can find out the room volume (m³) or floor area (m²) that the device is designed for in the specifications.

Effective against unpleasant odors and pollutants

The activated carbon filter primarily traps harmful gases and eliminates unpleasant odors in your home. The filter can also help break down ozone in the room air. In order to always benefit from optimal cleaning performance, the filter must be replaced after a certain period of time.

Effective filtering of even the smallest particles

The HEPA filter is a very effective filter and is made up of numerous fibers woven together. The filter cleans the air from even the smallest particles such as bacteria and viruses. This eliminates potential pathogens and other harmful substances and increases the air quality in your home. Depending on where and how long you use your air purifier, the filter should be replaced approximately every six to twelve months so you always have full cleaning performance.

Determine the operating time

Run the air purifier for as long as you want without having to remember to turn it off. Depending on the model, you can use the timer function to set the power-on time or the time after which the device turns off automatically. This protects the device and reduces power consumption.

Comfortable sleep with perfect air quality

In Night mode, the air purifier continues to constantly monitor the room's air quality and reacts to changes. So that you do not feel disturbed or even wake up while sleeping, the device uses very low noise settings. So you can sleep peacefully with optimal air quality.

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