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12 wins in 13 games - Ladies Curling as Direct Collective Winners in the Semi-Final - Sports

12 wins in 13 games – Ladies Curling as Direct Collective Winners in the Semi-Final – Sports

  • At the end of the tour, the women’s CCArawin defeated Germany 8: 3 and Estonia 9: 5.
  • With 12 wins from 13 matches, Switzerland finished first in the preliminary round.
  • This meant that Silvana Trinzoni & Co. qualified directly for the semi-finals. The opponent there is not yet known.

With a score of 8: 3 in the penultimate match against Germany, Switzerland finished first after the preliminary round of the World Cup in Calgary on Friday. After that, they also clearly defeated Estonia in the catch-up match (9: 5). This means that Switzerland has a dream record of 12: 1 wins in a tour of Ruben.

Set for semi-finals

For Melanie Barbizat, Esther Neuschwander, Sylvana Terenzoni and Alena Batz, winning the Tour of Robin brings big advantages. You can pass the quarter-finals this way and are ranked into the semi-finals. And they will be able to start the remaining games with the advantage of the last stone.

Direct notice

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SRF will be broadcasting the Women’s World Cup semi-finals in Switzerland live on Saturday from 11pm on the live broadcast.

Who will meet the Swiss in the semi-final on Saturday at 11 pm Swiss time is open. He will be the winner of the lowest ranked quarterfinals on Robben’s Tour. The quarter-finals are Sweden (3) against Canada (6) and Denmark (4) against the United States (5).

Pätz on the 2015 tracks

With a win of 12: 1 (92.3 per cent), the women of Arau at the time managed to equal the best World Cup record for a Swiss women’s team. Alina Batz, seeded No. 4 today at Terenzoni, set the record when she surpassed Baden Reggio’s team at the 2015 World Cup in Sapporo. Baden women won the world title at that time.