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Rotblau im Ticker: BSC Young Boys vs FC Basel

Rotblau im Ticker: BSC Young Boys vs FC Basel


Follow FC Basel matches directly in the video.

A record between BSC Young Boys and FC Basel

93 ‘ Play

The end of the game in Wankdorf!

The failure to defeat Patrick Rahman as coach of Bayern ends against the Champions from Bern. Two goals within a few seconds defeat Basel. Matthias Palacios is the tragic character of the game due to his big mistake before conceding a second goal.

87 ‘yellow card yellow card

Ricky Van Wolfswinkle Comes too late against Sandro Uber and gets on his feet. Obvious frustration by the Dutchman. He was warned about this.

82 ‘substitution substitution

The orgy of changes continues: For Jean-Pierre Nesme And the Christian Fasnacht Come to YB Gianluca Gaudino And the Sandro Looper.

81 ‘substitution substitution

Immediately the fourth change in Bayern: Afimico Bollolo Come to Valentin Stocker.

YB Chance!

Now the master plays the role of the gentlemen in red and blue. Jean-Pierre Nesme Fails alone in front of the gate on the hanging Heinz Lindner.

78 ‘substitution substitution

YB also changes twice: Christopher Martins And the Felix Mambibi Will pass Fabian Reader And the Jordi Sebacho Replacement.

76 ‘substitution substitution

Patrick Frame immediately reacts to a triple change: Matthias PalaciosAnd the Luca Zoffi And the Darian males Will pass Yannick MarchandAnd the Ricky Van Wolfswinkle And the Edon Zigrova Replacement.

72 ‘GoalGoal

Goal for YB!

Just seconds after the tour, the inhabitants of Bern instantly bathed the guests again. YB takes advantage of a major build error. Felix Mambibi It is immediately sent and hung crosswise Christopher Martins.

71 ‘GoalGoal

Goal for YB!

The master takes the initiative out of nowhere – fortunately. Christian Fasnacht He takes the full risk after the high wing and is rewarded. He hits the ball into the ground, but the keeper drops behind Heinz Lindner In the net.

YB Chance!

That was it! Jean-Pierre Nesme He comes into the penalty area in a promising ball position and twists over the bar. The YB striker was critically upset at the last minute.

Played nearly an hour. The winner of this game, let alone the target, is not currently in the air. Both teams are trying hard. But they are very stable defensively and do not allow hardly anything.

Suddenly turbulent scenes on the sidelines: Raul Petretta And the Felix Mambibi Lie in hair. The referee must separate the fighters, but refrain from distributing the cards.

YB Chance!

Marvin Spelman Allow Sylvan Widmer Simply stand in a duel with the enemy. His sharp cross from a narrow angle is a shot over the pass and can take off Heinz Lindner With the thigh.

45 ‘Starting Starting

We continue in Bern!

Can Basel Club break the recession in Wankdorf? Or will coach Patrick Rehman’s unbeaten match end today in front of the Champions?

47 ‘Stop Stop

The first half in Wankdorf!

An intense game with some highlights enters at the end of the first half. Both teams had a great opportunity to take the lead. Otherwise, the game is very equivalent. Both teams had stages, but so far they haven’t been able to take advantage of them

Screenshot from YB!

A counterattack by Berenice finally takes place Michael Ibisher. The midfielder presses the skin on the long post. Heinz Lindner You will never get it. Bayern’s fortune shortly before the end of the first half.

Chance for FCB!

Bagtim Kasimi He plays the ball blindly in the depths. Darian males It starts perfectly and Bern’s defense catches the wrong foot. Makes the ball flat in the middle. The skin is there Valentin Stocker From a distance of one meter above the ball Matthias Palacios And the Arthur Cabral.

38 ‘substitution substitution

to Nicolas Mommy Njamalio Don’t go any further. The YB Wing should exit injured. Marvin Spelman replace.

In the past few minutes, Bernese have been more dominant here at Wankdorf. FCB is now hardly anywhere near the Bernese Gate. The teacher appears more convincing in these minutes.

YB Chance!

Quentin Masseras And the Felix Mambibi Basel team once played back dizzy. Berner’s Schlenzer passes through the bar at the end. The ball is noticeably deflected by Basel’s leg.

Graduation from YB!

Bayern are still defensive in the Round of 16. Michael Ibisher He is trying his luck from afar. His shot goes beyond the Bayern goalkeeper’s goal Heinz Lindner.

FC Basel now dominated dictate the game. The bronzing came out of the cabin as if it had been shot by a cannon. The master’s initial anger seemed to have faded after a good twenty minutes.

FCB Free Kick!

After an error Darian males lies down Matthias Palacios On the right side the ball. Can a sharp cross David from Palmos Just before approaching Heydari Alban Clear fists.

13 ‘yellow card yellow card

Mohamed Ali Camara From YB Matthias Palacios Shameless in the midfield. He hits the Argentine with his elbow. This gives the first warning of the game.

Chance for FCB!

Practically as opposed to the combination Valentin Stocker And the Arthur Cabral In Bern are sixteen. The Brazilian is full of volleyball and checks David from Palmos On-line. The first shot on goal goes to Basler’s account.

Free kick for YB!

Michael Ibisher He brings the ball from the right side in front of the Basler Tour. There it rises Mohamed Ali Camara Two floors are higher than the rest … my header failed completely and fled to the corner flag.

The action starts from the first second. Bernays don’t seem to want the season to end here. Bayern cling to it immediately.

0 ‘Starting Starting

here we are In Wankdorf!

The BSC Young Boys lineup