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Zug won a six-point game – Umbry and Lausanne also won

Zug won a six-point game – Umbry and Lausanne also won

EV Zug got a big point in the battle for the playoffs by defeating Friborg.Photo: Cornerstone

Very important victories were achieved by Zug, Lausanne and Ambri-Piota in the third to last round of the National League. The biggest loser is Friborg Gutron.

El Train – Friborg 4: 2

Zug takes advantage of the battle for the last card for direct playoff qualification. The champions defeated direct rival Friborg Gotteron at home 4:2.

That puts EVZ one point ahead of Freiburg, which is ranked outside the top six for the first time since January 8th.

Zug residents celebrate the winning goal 3-0 in the National Ice Hockey League championship between EV Zug and Friborg Gotteron on Tuesday, February 28, 2023 in Zug.  (Cornerstone / Urs Feller).

Zug players celebrate the goal to make it 3-0.Photo: Cornerstone

The duel between the sixth and seventh seemed to be settled after half of the match. After two goals in the 27th minute by the Americans Carter Kemper and Tobias Geyser, Zug went ahead by three goals to none. However, penalties have allowed the visitors in the past two years to get back into the game. Friborg quietly took advantage of Zug’s blatant weakness when outnumbered and closed the gap to 2:3 thanks to goals from captain Julian Sprunger and Jacob de la Rose.

Freiburg, who failed three times on the edge of the goal in the first 40 minutes, could no longer make the switch, also thanks to the powerful Leonardo Genoni. Zug goalkeeper settled Freiburg’s fourth consecutive defeat by blocking him. Gutron has not won in Zug for three years (4-0 on November 1, 2019).

On paper at least, the rest of the program speaks for Friborg, who travel to bottom club Aguey on Thursday and welcome the penultimate SCL Tigers on Saturday at the end of the playoffs. Zug faces two challenging tasks with leader Geneva-Servette and getting the Lausanne HC back in power.

Training 4-2 Fribourg-Gotteron (1-0, 2-2, 1-0)
6834 spectators. – SR Hebeisen/North (SWE), Fuchs/Gnemmi.
Portals: 10. Senteler (Duke, O’Neill/Powerplaytor) 1-0 (into an empty net). 27. (26:20) The camp (the circle) 2: 0 (into the empty goal). 27. (27:00) Gesser (Kellenberg) 3: 0 (into an empty goal). 33rd Jump (Gunderson/PowerPlayer) 3:1 (no goalkeeper). 37. Berchy (Diaz/PowerPlayer) 3:2 (no GK). 60. (59:59) Goalkeeper 4: 2 (into an empty goal).
punish: 3 times 2 minutes against Zug, 2 times 2 minutes against Friborg-Gotron.
PostFinance top scorer: Kovar. Desharnais.
train: Gene me. Gross, Dejos. Nussbaumer, Gesser; circle, almaquist; bird; Marchini, Kovar, Semyon; Camper, O’Neill, Duke; Klingberg, Senteler, Allenspach; Zinder, Lowenberger, Suri; Muggle.
Friborg Gutierrez: Pera. Gunderson, Chavelas; Diaz, Syler Sutter, Jaker Spranger, Rusk, Mottet; Marchon, Walser, Jorg; Bertchy, Descharnay, Kokanen; Schmid, de la Rose, Sorensen; Bykov.
comments: Zug without Hansson, Hofmann, Schlumpf and Stadler (all injured), Abdelkader (foreign surplus), Friborg Gutieron without Dufner (ill) and Venue (foreign surplus). Friborg Gutierrez from 1:52 without a goalkeeper.

Davos – Ambre 2:3

Davos once again brought luck to Umbry Biota. Spengler Cup turns the game against HCD with two goals in the last four minutes and wins 3: 2. Leventine makes the race to the last three play-off spots even more exciting. They are two points behind Kloten, Byrne and Logano in 9-11. Two of the quartet will advance to the Round of 16 – or the Pre-Qualifiers. Most importantly, they finally kicked out the unplayable SCL Tigers for their last two games relegation game against Ajoie.

Ambri-Piotta quarterback Philip Chlapek is delighted with his 2-2 win, pictured left by Davos' Aaron Irving, during the National League ice hockey game between HC Davos and HC Ambri-Piotta, on Tuesday, 2 ...

Embry players celebrate the equalizer 2-2.Photo: Cornerstone

Davos 2-3 Umbry-Biota (2-0, 0-1, 0-2)
5841 spectators. – SR Tscherrig/Bechaczek (GER), Wolf/Meusy.
Portals: 2. Nordstrom (Weezer, Stransky/PowerPlayer) 1-0. 13. Nussbaumer 2-0. 30. Spacek (Bestones) 2-1. 56. Klapek (Pistons) 2-2. 58. Chlapik (Spacek) 2:3.
punish: 4 times 2 minutes each.
PostFinance top scorer: Stransky. spacek.
Davos: Dairy maker. Immediately, Dahlbek; Dominic Egli, Irving; Brandon, Paschaud; less; phaser, corvi, ampoule; Dirt, Nordstrom, Pristedt; Stransky, Rasmussen, Knack; Frehner, Chris Eagley, Nussbaumer; strong
Ambry biota: hit. Head, Zakcho Doughty; Virtues and Hunters. Buren, Isaco Dotti; genitor. Bürgler, Heim, Formenton; Kneubuehler, Spacek, Chlapik; Bionda, Ruefenacht, McMillan; spades, grassy, ​​dwarves. Tresconi
comments: Davos without Jung, Nygren, Brassel and Wellinger (all injured), Ambri-Piota without Furler and Kostner (both injured) and Jovonen and Mitchell (both additional foreigners). Davos from 59:01 without a goalkeeper. Ambri-Piotta from 19:58 to 20:00 without a goalkeeper.

Lausanne 3-2 SCRJ

Lausanne wins the duel between the two teams currently in the best form against Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 3: 2 and thus continues its progression in the table. Thanks to goals from Jason Fox, Michael Hughley with his first goal of the season, and Robin Kovacs in the 49th minute, Food made up for it 0:2 after the first half.

It was a world turned upside down at the Voodooise Arena. The first half was dominated by the hosts, but only Dominique Lamer and Yannick Bruchwiller scored goals for the guests. But in the past few weeks, Lausanne has found a level of stability previously lacking in an ambitious team, which had been disappointing for so long.

In the end, Voodoa won for the 11th time in their last 13 matches, for the fifth time in a row. On the other hand, Rapperswil-Jona, for the first time after four victories with twelve points and 22: 9 again as loser from the ice.

Lausanne – Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 3: 2 (0: 2, 2: 0, 1: 0)
7612 spectators. – SR Stolc (SVK) / Urban (AUT), Altmann / Burgy.
Portals: 8. Lammer (Aberg, Djuse / Powerplaytor) 0: 1. 14. Brüchwiller (Djuse) 0: 2. 26:34 Fox (Rhiyat Kovacs) 1: 2 27 (26:01) Högli 2: 2. 49 – Kovacs ( Glauser) 3:2.
punish: 4 times 2 minutes against Lausanne, 3 times 2 minutes against Rapperswil – Jonah Lakers.
PostFinance top scorer: Kovacs. cervenka.
Lausanne: Loricainine. granat, grits; Glauser, Genazy; Jelovac, Marty; Seidler, Holdner Boson, Jäger, Ravel; Hügli, Almond, Salomäki; Reyat, Fuchs, Kovacs; Callow, Millard, Keenins.
Rapperswil-Jona Lakers: Meyer (57-Neffler); Noro, Meyer; Abisher, Dejos. Provico, Jordan; Fuardo. Aberge, Rho, Cervenka; Moy, Whittier, Bruchwiller; Eggenberger, Cajka, Lammer; Wick, Thinner, Forrer.
comments: Lausanne is without Emerton, Heldner, Krakauskas and Pedretti (all injured), Udette, Panik and Secak (all additional foreigners), and Rapperswil-Jona Lakers are without Albrecht, Elsener, Jensen and Schroeder (all injured). Rapperswil-Jona Lakers, from 58:30, without a goalkeeper.