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ZDF - "Fernsehgarten": "We'll get that out!"  - Andrea Kewell got angry

ZDF – “Fernsehgarten”: “We’ll get that out!” – Andrea Kewell got angry

Oops, an 81-year-old skipped the word B in front of the cameras! ZDF presenter Andrea Kewell should intervene directly.

Who Said ZDF’s audience is old? Take Erica. She does all kinds of exercises at the “Fernsehgarten” ZDF and looks incredibly relaxed. Middle gymnasts quickly take a few words out of their tense upper body. Erica speaks cheerfully, happily and carefree. She was 55 years old when she discovered the sport herself. Now, as an 81-year-old sports freak, she is an internet star thanks to her workouts. She just does not like gymnastics, as she has to lie on her stomach. This does not work well with artificial knee joints. “Unfortunately, I’m a little bit disabled,” says the 81-year-old. Mediator loves the word b Andrea Kewell (55) No. The coordinator then immediately gives the politically correct language condition: “We’ll remove that immediately!”

In the video above, you can see how Andrea Kewell called her winter vacation last year.

At first everything was carefree

It all started quietly. Andrea Kiewel is presented as an ‘All-In-One Happy Surprise Package for You’. The broker is qualified three times. She is blonde. Bring a bright green blouse in the May sun. As she says, “I am from the eastern part of Berlin.” OK then. In terms of: not completely devoid of it. This “TV Park” version has the slogan “You’re surprised, what?” Among the audio shows of the usual suspect – Vaughn Florian Selberizen (39) to Nino Angelo (57) and Thomas Anders (58) – There are a lot of experiences. Of course not from Andrea Kewell. As a rough man, she has it Bernard Hoekker (51) He was brought with them. And if he seems a little hesitant when it comes to fire, the broker strongly warns him: “Don’t be afraid, you wear gloves!”

my knowledge

Andrea Kewell
“I have never felt this bad again in my life and I was insulted and screamed often.”

ZDF TV Garden host Andrea Kewell is known for her good mood. But in an interview, she spoke about a dark chapter in her childhood.

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Bring a Hoecker’s donkey to the hospital

Bernard Hoecker does the explanation aggressively. The actor and comedian doesn’t have the best memories of appearing with the presenter. On July 2, 2006, Andrea Kewell sent him to a race for donkeys, not as a donkey. Ultimately, he broke his collarbone. surgery. One year with titanium plate. “But it was taken care of well,” he laughs later. At least he got some tea from the tv team. Hoecker is the stimulant in this special beta. He brings with him some party gimmicks. How do you lift a plate off the table? Andrea Kewell holds both hands. Hoecker: “That would be private television, we are subject to common law and have an educational mandate.” Well then for a public service dish. Take a wet wipe. Put it on the plate. Put a candle on top and light it. Place a cup on top of it. There is negative pressure. The panel can be lifted with glass as a handle. But Hoecker is also the man of the big, rough stuff. The crane cut a car 50 meters. At what speed does it reach the ground after a free fall? That is the question for the public. A: 60 to 80 kilometers per hour. B: 81 to 100 kilometers per hour. A: 101 to 120 kilometers per hour. Correct answer: The car hits the ZDF at 87.4. Athletically it would have been 112 kilometers per hour. Did we learn anything? Practice differs from theory. The educational mission is interrupted. Public service scrap. Permission: the car.

In the video below, a little glimpse of Andrea Kiewel’s bed.

Snuggled up the picture from the bed!

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