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Is Heidi Klum bothering her ex-husband Chop here?

Is Heidi Klum bothering her ex-husband Chop here?

Heidi Klum wishes her Tom Kaulitz all the best on Father’s Day. Criticism on her ex-husband’s chop? The two recently fought in court.

The basics are in brief

  • Heidi Klum and her children wish her husband Tom Kaulitz all the best for Father’s Day.
  • Only: None of Klum’s kids are Tom.
  • A swipe on Heidi’s ex-husband’s stamp?

Mother model Heidi Klum (47 years old) posted a photo of her family on the beach Father’s Day.

You can see Heidi and her four children around her husband Tom Collitz (31). The 47-year-old writes, “We are very grateful that you are a part of our life. That is why we use Father’s DayTo celebrate you. “

Nice gesture. Only: None of their children are Tom!

Henry (15), Johan (14) and Lu (11) arose out of their relationship with British superstar Seal (58).

The father of her eldest daughter Lenny (17) is a Formula 1 legend Flavio Briatore (68). The seal adopted it MiniBlum, too.

Last year, the 58-year-old wanted his ex-wife banned from taking the children to Berlin to shoot the “Next German Model”. Like his children, he lived in Los Angeles AnxietyHeidi Klum will move completely to Germany.

The “amazing” translator continued to complain at the time that he had hardly seen his children. “When I ask Heidi more time with my kids, she often makes it unnecessarily difficult.” Then Klum claims that his offspring is sick or busy. Ouch!

For the singer, the criticism of Father’s Day has to be especially bitter.

Did you celebrate Father’s Day?

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