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Your Horoscope: The New Moon Releases Power – Three Zodiac Signs in Happiness

Your Horoscope: The New Moon Releases Power – Three Zodiac Signs in Happiness

It's night time: On Friday (February 9) at 11:59 p.m., we expect not only a new moon to appear in the sky, but a super new moon as well. But what is it and what is its effect on your zodiac sign?

Three zodiac signs in particular can now look forward to real moments of happiness. But the super new moon also has a very special effect on people.

Your sign: The big new moon brings energy

Every month we can make a fresh start with the help of our Moon. That is, when the new moon is in the sky and the next lunar cycle begins. This is exactly the case again. On Friday (February 9), at approximately 11:59 PM, we expect the New Moon to appear in Aquarius. But this time it is actually a new supermoon because it is now particularly close to Earth. However, we cannot see the new moon – unlike the full moon – in the night sky. Even though it is in the dark for us, it still has a huge impact on us as humans. Now is the best time to make decisions and plans.

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This time, the energies of the new moon mainly affect the horoscope of the three zodiac signs – and in the most positive sense. This includes Leo: with the new moon, the power of this zodiac sign returns. Motivation and energy now define daily life. Of course, this also affects the shows that everyone watches and applauds. Maybe Leo should ask for a raise now?

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The atmosphere couldn't be better

But this special time also gives Gemini a real lucky sign: Aquarius' new moon energy puts them in a cheerful mood. Now entertainment and the company of loved ones come first. Duties can take a back seat these days if possible. This gives the twins enough energy for the next few weeks.

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Aries now have a very special mission: they must use the new moon phase to plan their future. With so much inspiration and drive, this has become especially easy for them now. But things are going well at work now. Aries achieves a lot and overcomes all challenges easily. Horoscopes like this are really impressive!

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