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Cosmic Love Luck: 3 Zodiac Signs Have a Magical Week Ahead

Cosmic Love Luck: 3 Zodiac Signs Have a Magical Week Ahead

Warning to all those who are thirsty for love: Great happiness awaits the three zodiac signs in the week beginning February 12. No matter if you are single or in a relationship – you are on cloud nine.

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#1 Taurus gets things done quickly

Love engaged married? This wisdom could soon become a reality for Taurus. If you are otherwise a somewhat cautious and critical person who questions things intensely, Taurus' emotional side comes to the fore.

Of course, out of all the Earth signs, you're most likely to be able to let yourself go and not take everything so seriously. However, you can just know that the butterflies in your stomach increase your endorphins, so you're ready for the next step more quickly.

#2 Single twins can hardly save themselves from suitors

Single Geminis are likely to be the lucky ones this week. You cannot save yourself from flirtations and exciting meetings. With charm and intelligence, you can currently captivate almost anyone. A good stage gives your self-confidence a real boost.

Even with a twin in a relationship, everything is at the highest level. You openly discuss problems and can quickly reach an agreement if something does not fit. But even that doesn't actually happen at the moment because you agree to all the decisions.

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#3 Fish on cloud 9

Sometimes single Pisces don't really know what they really want. They quickly get carried away, blinded by outward appearances, and later realize that they were on the wrong track. But now you may meet someone who is not only visually attractive, but also compelling on an interpersonal level.

There is harmony in partnerships. You seek closeness to each other and constantly confess how much you love each other. It's like you're teenagers newly in love. It's cute too, isn't it?

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