Samsung has started introducing a functionality on individual Galaxy smartphones that can have a positive impact on the device’s performance in certain situations. The “turbo” functionality is greatly expanded with Android 12 and will become the standard there.

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Samsung introduces “RAM Plus” function with Android 12 for all mobile phones

with the It all started the brand new Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G. The South Korean company has introduced the “RAM Plus” function, with which virtual memory is added to the allocated memory. This is how you get it 4 GB RAMIt can make a difference when you use a lot of apps at the same time. With high-end smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with less 12GB of RAM, cheaper phones even more so.

In the second beta of Android 12 for the Galaxy S21, the functionality was included as part of the new operating system (Source: GSMArena). So it means that Samsung offers “RAM Plus” functionality with Android 12 for all models. Although the feature Occasionally even under Android 11 Distributed, all supported smartphones should receive the extension with the new OS version at the latest.

Samsung will be a good number of Equipping older Galaxy smartphones with Android 12. So you can definitely feel the little turbo there when the smartphone reaches its limits in terms of memory. Especially in the field of smartphones for beginners and mid-range. Due to the four-year update policy, which will also apply retroactively until the Galaxy S10, this will affect many models.

We’ll tell you what else has changed with Android 12 in Video:

When will Android 12 appear for Samsung smartphones?

Samsung is currently testing Android 12 with One UI 4.0 in the second beta build on the Galaxy S21 series. Google announced Android 12 Final Version He said that the final versions of other manufacturers Appear near the end of the year. It probably won’t take long for Samsung. The Galaxy S21 should already be ready in November if no problems appear.