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Far Cry 6 is available starting today

Ubisoft announced today that far cry 6 Now available worldwide for consoles, Google Stadia, and Windows PC on the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store. The game will also be available on Ubisoft+, Ubisoft’s subscription service**.

Far Cry 6 is located on Yara, a tropical paradise island in the heart of the Caribbean. There, players can experience the adrenaline rush and chaos of gang fighting as they join the revolution to liberate the people of Yarra. The population suffers from the persecution of dictator Anton Castillo and his teenage son Diego. The characters were played by actors Giancarlo Esposito (The Mandalorian, Breaking Bad) and Anthony Gonzalez (Coco). evolution for Far Cry 6 Managed by Ubisoft Toronto ***.

Players play the role of ex-military Dani Rojas, who was born and raised in Yarra. They are embroiled in a guerrilla movement as the brutality of authoritarian rule reaches its climax and the flames of revolution are burning across the country. Players can choose between male and female heroes and join the armed forces of the revolution. They meet fascinating characters, including Clara Garcia, leader of the revolutionary group Libertad, and Juan Cortez, a bitter expert on espionage and guerrilla warfare in the KGB. Together they search for a way to overthrow the tyrant once and for all.

In order to compete against Anton’s armed forces and his all-out power, players must take advantage of Yara’s exemplary talent for improvisation and fantastically use the resources at their disposal to wreak havoc in the system. Driven by the creativity of improvisation master Juan Cortez, Far Cry 6 offers a vast and innovative arsenal of customizable and improvisational weapons and gadgets. Various integration options are available, from a small motorcycle-powered cannon to a backpack that throws homing missiles. Thus, players can enjoy their inner improvisation skills limitlessly, and as Dani, they gain the power of a complete guerrilla force.

Far Cry 6 offers players the opportunity to make their adventure as individual as possible, regardless of whether they prefer stealth stealth or screaming and heavy weapons. In addition to improvement options, traditional weapons and new travel options can also be used, including horses, tanks, and crazy homemade vehicles. An animal companion can also be chosen next to Danny, such as Chorizo, the cuddly dachshund or Guapo, Juan’s soldier’s thirsty pet alligator.

Players can explore the huge and diverse open world filled with jungles and neglected cities either as a single player or in a two-player co-op mode. As a member of the revolution, you control plans to recruit soldiers and gather resources from hidden guerrilla camps scattered across the country. As Antón’s armed forces control the sky, roads, and sea routes, players have to find their way around the world and prove that they are true fighters in order to successfully ensure any attack against the system.

The Season Pass allows you to control the most famous villains in the Far Cry series: Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed – all portrayed by the original actors as well. In the course of the three DLC editions, different villains and players can be embodied: an insider experience to battle the psychological horrors of each other up close. He does this with the all-new Die and Retry experience, inspired by the roguelite genre. Initially equipped only with a self-defense pistol, new weapons must be found and their powers unlocked in order to gain strength and delve deeper into the evil psyche. Each DLC combines intense action and a thrilling story thus providing a unique opportunity to understand the past, personal demons, and motivations of each villain.