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With a click of the mouse to the day care center in Augsburg

With a click of the mouse to the day care center in Augsburg

The city of Augsburg has created a new online portal for those looking for a place in a day care centre. It should give an overview to the parents as well as make possible inquiries and reservations. The portal can be accessed at

Children can be registered at many nurseries and day care centers through the portal. Parents can also set their own priorities. In another step, it will be possible later to enroll the children in a day care home.

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Daycare portal in Augsburg: “Milestone”

The city describes the project as a major milestone for a digital future. Mayor Eva Weber and Education Officer Martina Wilde introduced the Keita Gateway at an online press conference. The city worked on the project for two years. “We wanted to wait for the experiences of other municipalities,” said Mayor Eva Weber. In addition, they wanted to involve all partners. Parents can now access all municipal facilities online, as well as most churches and private facilities, as well as 142 daycare offerings. “We’re writing a success story,” says Eva Maria Hermanns, the city’s head of childcare.

Benefits for parents and porters

The city of Augsburg expects fewer papers and fewer errors due to double registration and illegible handwriting from the new daycare portal. Parents can simultaneously request free places for their children from different institutions from home within a few minutes. It is no longer necessary to go to the registry in person. If there are technical or language obstacles for parents, the so-called duodenum KIDS-Familienstützpunkte As focal points in the city area.

Register for a daycare in Augsburg by February 25

The daycare year always begins on the 1st of September. In order for children to be included in the regular allocation of places, they must be registered in Augsburg by February 25. If places become free, children can also be admitted to a nursery or nursery school during the year.