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Winterthur is located next to FC Tosfeld's dressing room: the doodles can stay

Winterthur is located next to FC Tosfeld's dressing room: the doodles can stay

The view in the multi-purpose room.Photo: Winterthur

A controversial artwork remains at the Tössfeld Football Club in Winterthur. Despite continued reservations on the part of footballers, the city of Winterthur made this decision. Circuit Flow's work has made headlines around the world.

31 January 2024, at 09:1231 January 2024, at 09:17

The new club of FC Tössfeld was awarded the “Art of Architecture” by the city of Winterthur, which brought a little joy to the spectators. A year ago, there was a blue doodle in the bistro where football themes could be seen at a second glance: individual footballers, a boot, a trophy.

The image of the artwork by artists Maureen and Stephanie Kaji spread around the world, and the media described it, among other things, as a “scribble disaster” or “childish style graffiti”. The club president wanted a “review.”

More comfort for football players

However, the artwork must last for at least one year. After holding two roundtables with participants, the city of Winterthur has now decided that the art will remain, it announced on Wednesday. Criticisms of footballers are also directed, but not only, against the artwork.

An inexpensive, functional building made of prefabricated wooden elements is perceived as exquisite and sober. “Cladding is installed only where necessary, and when visible surfaces, if possible, have not received any additional treatment. Upholstery is also primarily simple and functional. Writes the city So your interiors will look great too. “Circuit Flow, whose dynamic images are based on comic drawings or graffiti tags, also brings something restless to the staid lounge.”

The city also writes that it understands the need to upgrade and cool down the place. Therefore, warmer light sources, curtains or flooring of different colors should provide footballers with a more comfortable 'club room'. (RAM/CDA)

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